Thrift Store Blog 7th -19th Sept 2020


Oxford Thrift Shop and Café Blog

September 7th-September 19th, 2020

By: Stephen Thompson

September 7th, 2020

Today was a holiday Labour Day Thrift store was closed.


September 8th, 2020

This was beginning Morgan’s Vacation Week. He won’t be in doing the laundry this week, just kicking up his feet for relaxation.

Patti was the Staff working today, at the Thrift Shop.

I talked with Railyn today on my journey back to work, before she starts her Post-Secondary education.


September 10th, 2020


Ryan a prior Client purchased a Fancy Suit, to add to his wardrobe. He seems to have quite a collection of them, from previous visits.

I sprayed and wiped down door handles, Vacuumed front and back doormats.

I was checking the racks for unused hangers hiding in their natural habitat.

I Worked on Auction Data entry calculating and inputting into two different Excel spreadsheets. I punched in the Weekly intervals and Monetary values into sets, together on the documents.

Paula made up a coffee for my break. It feels a slight off some days being the only one in the break room without Morgan and Duncan.

Nicole was on Laundry duty today on Morgan’s Vacation Week.

I vacuumed the backroom mat on the Laundromat side of the store.

I gathered together literature from the backroom into a box, to be placed on the bookshelves.

Amanda had an afternoon Walk on her break and did Data entry into the computer for the FaceBook page.  

Customer activity picked up, in the latter afternoon.


September 14th, 2020


It was lovely weather on this, Monday Afternoon.

It is the start of a brand new week. Morgan was back from his vacation from previous week. His usual sense of humor still shines through.

Paula, Patti and Emma were at Staff workers for today.

Paula was taking pictures on her phone for the auction; Patti was operating at the cash register and Emma working on Computer Projects.

I gathered more novels to sell, arranged clothing donations onto the racks, also placed female pants and tops into correct sizes and places.


September 15th, 2020


When I arrived I worked with Morgan on hanging the final plant smocks for Onion workers for the day. He would soon be leaving for his home.

I vacuumed up the floors, on both ends of the store with the wireless vacuum cleaner in hand.  

The afternoon was quiet, almost too quiet.

Paula, Amanda and I were a bit surprised to hear a shattering sound. The Lamp Light Bulb had exploded into shards, without any warning. It was quickly cleaned by Paula gathering up all the fragments and scrubbing everything down.

At first we assumed it was just a wine glass that had fallen. The Light switch has since been kept off until Repaired.

Amanda helped with carrying out finished Laundry to a customer.


September 17th 2020


The Lamp Lights were replaced in the Thrift Store, they gleam like brand new.

It was a quiet afternoon so far mostly people buying up Auction Items.