Stephen’s Blog From Home #3

Stephen Blog from Home #3

By: Stephen Thompson

Previous two weeks:

The weather has warmed up, some days are real scorchers.

I have routinely been filling up: buckets, pales, plastic boxes and whatever available full with H20. Plants are thirsty and needing some relief from the solar rays.

The water comes from the hose connected from the side of the farm house, It is an assembly of pieces of cord tightened by tactically placed hose pipe clamps. Sections have switches to control water flow in certain sections around the farm.

To set up the tables, for an outside market located near a greenhouse. I ended up lugging massive rubber slabs with my father on old table frames, missing their top piece. These slabs were once part of the Oxford Rink at one time.

I dropped off some Donations with Dad. Saw Patti and Amanda knock and wave from inside the Thrift Store. I waved back.

On Weekends many Plants have been bought up, such as the Marigolds starting to peak out with some buds.

I finished all of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on Nintendo 64, starting on another game I haven’t finished Super Mario Sunshine.

Saw Morgan again at the Post Office Box for residents from Hansford Road. We had a nice talk on Movies and Games. He seems in good spirits all, in all.

Monday June 22nd 2020

It was a hot day, dropped off Donations with Dad at the Oxford Thrift store in his Pontiac. Drove to Bank to Deposit my check and went to Tim Hortons for a medium double-double.

Tuesday June 23rd 2020

Got a ride with Wanda after it has been a couple months, she brought her new Dog: Dolly with her on the car ride. Dolly Slept well in the car and didn’t make a fuss.

Visited my Brother today at Driftwood Cottage, but had to stay at a Social Distance.  We talked on various things and he seemed happy to see me. It was good to see him again after a few months.

He talked to me about his new Nintendo Switch he got for his Birthday on June 10th and his Super Robot Wars (Imported game) and Dragon Quest 1-3 game collection.

Wednesday June 24th 2020

Transplanted some cabbages in the morning with my Dad, before the heat amped up too much.

Dad and Glad will be off for the night to New Glasgow, for a Preop for Glad. Things will be going back on track and she will have the hip operation in the near future if all goes well. 


*I am Hopeful things will start to resemble how they used to one day.  Best wishes and stay safe everyone.