Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #11

Monday February 24th, 2020

It was a nice clear February day.

It warmed up from previous days, though areas are caked with ice.

Morgan was up and about, in the Laundromat ready to clean the Oxford Frozen Foods Plant over shirts.

Duncan arrived to do his cleaning duties: Sweeping and Mopping. Walking along and greeting customers.

Angus arrived early today in the shop, sitting at his usual spot by the window.

I added onto white sandwich board: upcoming events and illustrations using a variety of dry-erase markers.

Donations were given generously by several individuals. They were toted up front, to be sorted through by Staff Members.

Customers came for a look through the shelves of knickknacks and racks of outfits.

Daniel arrived early for his afternoon shift doing his afternoon laundry duties.

Tuesday February 25th, 2020

It was a calm day today, and more of the ice has diminished compared to yesterday.

Duncan and I had our morning work coffee, in the break room, before getting to our tasks.

Paula and Amanda are the staff that is currently working; Amanda left to go to Pugwash later on in the day.

With a spray bottle and a wash cloth in-hand, Duncan wiped down: the tables, handles and baskets.

Morgan was hard at work, he always has time for some quirky remarks.

Mary came showed up, for work today, folding clothes for the laundry service.

Duncan swept the floors throughout the thrift store, for salt crumbs and dirt to make sure they were spotless.

Wednesday February 26th, 2020

Michael showed up for work, his job doing the cleaning in the store.

There were customers in, looking through, buying or using the laundry service today.

Emma came in to and she and Patti celebrated: Amanda’s passing of the first part of her Nutritionist course.

I helped with carrying donations into the store along with the David from Pugwash, two Michaels one from Oxford store and other from Pugwash.

There was a Fort of Piled Clothes. There will be a lot of sorting, to get that finished up.

David Teed and Megan showed up for his shift for the day, along with another Staff Member showing him a demonstration what the job entails.

Reminders and Events:

International Women’s Day Basket

Basket draw will be held on: March 7th, 2020

$2 Each/3 for $5

Australian Basket Fundraiser

Bring in a Donation and get a $5 Thrift store Gift Card.

Bag Day Starts

February, 27-29

Fill a Grocery size bag for $5

Please remember to bring a reusable bag!