Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #10

Special Olympics was finally back on this previous weekend, weather finally was agreeable after three weeks.

Monday January 27th, 2020

Morgan was picking away at the Oxford Frozen Foods, plant garments.

Duncan was doing his job of mopping up the floors until they sparkled.

I tallied up an Inventory of food items in the Store Freezers.

I took on the newish task of vacuuming. I suctioned up debris of salt from the doormats located at the both sides of the location.

Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Duncan and I had the work coffee together before we started our work day.

I did the finishing touches on the Inventory list.

I Worked with Morgan at the Frozen Foods work attire. We buttoned up and dropped them into baskets to wash and hung up dried garments by order of sizes.

I added a drawing onto a paper, to go along with the text that Amanda made up for an auction sign.

Duncan was working in one of his new tasks: cleansing the door knobs, handles, tables and other surfaces. He was happy to be taking a new duty, to do something outside of the everyday routine.

Duncan also gathered up the trash together, to replace the bags with brand new bags.

Wednesday January 29th, 2020

Today is Mental Awareness day. To commemoration the store is giving out Free Coffee, one per Customer.

Michael was at work mopping. He cleaned the floors to a brilliant shine.

Angus came into the store today and seemed to be in good spirits and was snacking on pie.

Morgan and David shared the Laundromat from a segment of the morning. David spoke in friendly demeanor with Morgan as they worked.

Michael checked for hangers and had other tasks to be dealt with for his shift.

David’s task afterward was wiping down the doorknobs, mirrors and handles with a cleaner.  

Amanda and Patti got Michael to work on the assembly of a wooden container for the store.

Deals and Fundraiser: 

The thrift store will be having a Fundraiser to donate money to send to Australia to assist with the aid to the injured animals.

We are looking for donations for animal pet baskets.

Anyone who donates a new unopened item will receive a $5.00 Thrift Store Gift Card.

Bag Day is going on Until February 1st.

Coffee & Cookie Deal – $2.00

Or Cookies 2 for $1.25 – Until the end of the month.