Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #9

Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog

January 13th-January 18th 2020

By: Stephen Thompson

Sunday Jan 12th, 2020 was a messy day with the freezing rain pelting my window pane waking me up in the morning. The roads were dirty. Special Olympics were cancelled due to weather.


Monday January 13th, 2020

Amanda and Nicole are the staff members working.

We arrived after the hectic weather of the previous day.

Morgan seemed like his normal-self when talking with Amanda and Nicole poking some gags, in-between his job cleaning and hanging Oxford Frozen Foods clothes.

Duncan was mopping up a lot of snow drippings today; it had been tracked in easily because of how messy it was outdoors. His spirits seemed high. He was happy to be working.

I was writing and doodling on a white board for a discounted Coffee and other hot beverages that were on special that day. Amanda took my photograph with the completed panel.

Afterwards, I was doing Inventory of items in freezer in Kitchen and Break room.


Tuesday January 14th, 2020

I carried in donations with my Dad.

Both Amanda and Nicole were working at the shop.

I had a morning coffee. Duncan and Morgan were all ready for their job.

The Café was lively today with chit-chat and cheerful conversations.

Maintenance worker was doing a check-up on the Laundromat pipes and filters.

Mary did a new task within the Laundry room and was excited to try something new or different than the usual routine.

I checked the inventory of number of outfits kept in the shop.

Morgan did his standard Oxford Frozen Foods tasks within the Laundromat.


Wednesday January 15th, 2020

It is a snowy day today, flakes lightly falling down.

Patti and Amanda are staff working today at thrift shop keeping up at maintaining the shop.

Morgan is working today at the cleaning and hanging clothes on the laundry side.

Baked goods are being prepared by the Staff. The baked goods left a pleasant smell wafting in the air.

Michael showed up for his work coffee, ready to take on his tasks for the day. He Mopped and cleaning the floors.

David showed up today for his job. He washed tables down and mirrors.


Updates on previous weeks:

Christmas break began for me after the Party we held on Friday December 20th, 2019.

We played many games like: dropping candy canes on a string (the majority missed or recoiled and made debris), throwing plush snowballs into a wicker basket, guessing what was in a giant bag and wrapping paper opening with oven mitts.

We had a X-Mas dinner and everyone won a prize at the Party!

Over the Holiday I had time to sleep in and stay warm. The weather was great the majority of the duration of the winter break.

I saw Christmas lights, decorations and wreaths on houses in the: Amherst, Oxford and Pugwash areas throughout the Winter Holliday.

I ended up having Dinner in Amherst at the Lion’s Centre on Christmas Day.